Meet Our Staff

Find out a little more about our staff team below.

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Senior Minister

David Mackey

David Mackey has served as a Senior Minister at Riverside Christian Church since 1997.  The thing he loves most about Riverside Christian Church is the big heart for God’s mission.  He says, "The church has a wonderful desire to carry out the mission God has for His church and pulls together to get it done!"

He enjoys preaching, ministering to others through small groups and ministries in our community. David holds a Master of Ministry degree from Kentucky Christian University.  Prior to going into the ministry, David was a registered architect in Missouri and Colorado. He and his wife Mary live in Prairie Home and have 5 grown children and 7 grandchildren.

Youth Minister

Austin Williams

Austin Williams has served as Youth Minister at Riverside since 2019. One time a middle school English teacher himself, he now equips both middle and high school students in the Boonville and New Franklin area with God's Word. He is bi-vocational, and wholistically manages two farms in the Boonville area. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Language Arts/Secondary Education from Mizzou. While a student at Mizzou, he lived at the Christian Campus House and led life groups with an emphasis on discipleship.

Austin and his wife Kelli live in Boonville. They have two daughters, Tesni and Acadia. They live in a multi-generational household with both Kelli's parents and grandparents.

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Bob Roach
Jerry Wolfe
Orbie Lurten
Art Deys

Leader Team

David Foster

Building Team

Annie Mackey

Children's Ministry Team

Cindy Mallory

Equipping Team

Bob Roach

Finance Team

Joni Naumann

Family Ministry Team

Bob Roach

Elder Team

Courtney & Ryan Soltvedt

Outreach Team

David Mackey

Leader Team

Jerry Wolfe

Security Team

Mary Mackey

Worship Team